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Royal Millenia Hotels Co is a chain of hotels wholly owned by The Legion Corporation. As of 7 June 2013, The Legion Corporation purchased the hotel chain from Grande Royale Group Holdings.


Royal Millenia offers 4 different rooms, ranging from Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Suites and Premium Suites.

Standard Rooms[]

Standard rooms are available in every hotel, and offer two beds. It is charged at $124 per night.

Deluxe Rooms[]

Deluxe rooms are only available at certain hotels, and they offer two beds too. However, they have additional features, and are a bit mroe expensive. These rooms have a balcony each. It is charged at $172 per night.


Suites offer three beds, and many other features to make one's stay enjoyable and comfortable. It is charged at $248 per night.

Premium Suites[]

Premium Suites are charged at $426 per night due to the facilties and services provided. The rooms are extra large and feature a balcony as well.


Royal Millenia has 2 different membership services, Jade Legion Club Membership, LegionMart  Membership.

Customers that purchase frequently from Legion Supermarkets are offered membership for discounts, with monthly purchases of $1000 and above. Members here are entitled to Prioirity Check-in and special rooms. They are also offered special services. These member also get a 10% discount off the Legion Records Stores nationwide.

As for the Jade Legion Club Group Club Member, members are entitled to all services available for free. They are also entitled to a 15% discount off Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Recon Tours. 


  • Royal Millenia @ Pryston Point
  • Royal Millenia @ Pryston