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Axis Software Systems Co, otherwise known as Axis Softwares, is a worldwide software developer by Grande Royale Group Holdings. Axis Softwares produces mainly computer softwares, from utility programmes, computer games to anti-virus softwares. Axis Softwares is also a partner of CassTech Industries.

Axis Softwares has its current headquarters in the Pryston DigiPlex District.



Axis Softwares is major producer in softwares. The following is a list of products:

Software Type Description

Axis Operating System 1.0

OS Standard OS for computers produced by CassTech. AOS only runs on 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb RAM. Completely new platform, similar to Macintosh.
AOS 2.0 OS An improved version of AOS with a newer and more sophisticated interface. Only runs on 8Gb RAM and onwards.
AOS 3.1 OS A brand new interface retaining the good old features of AOS 2.0, but adds with a touch of improved performance. Compatible only with Gneisenau Electronics. 4Gb RAM and onwards.
Cerberus Storms Operating System OS A highly powerful OS, that only runs on gaming computers. Only uses High Performance RAM. Similar to AOS but much more powerful.
Phantom Reaper Operating System OS An even more improved system to Cerberus Storms, and runs only on HP16Gb. Runs only on Gneisenau Electronics.
x-Media Player Media Player The default media player on AOS. Plays music, videos and allows one to view pictures and images. Free with AOS.
y-Workspaces Work A $214 Package containing presentation, document, spreadsheet, design creation tools and Email.
z-Utilities Utilities All the utilities one may need on a computer, from disk clean-ups to others. Free with AOS.
c-Anti-Virus Utilities A $172 Software that enables one to clean up viruses.
Axis Flash Works Applications A must have for any computer with the desire to play games. Flash works also allows one to make animations of their own. Enhances graphics and animation movies as well. Free with AOS.
Intercept Design Tools Work Design tools for one that needs high-tech and impressive design skills. $48 along wth a tutorial.
AxisNet Browser Internet Free internet browser for all. Comes with AOS, downloadable on any other default browser.
AxisCom Premium Internet A newer browsing system that is free only with AOS 3.1. Unavailable for older systems.
Strype Applications Connect with your friends all over the world using Strype, a variation of Skype, improved and developed by Axis Softwares. Strype runs using Imperialist Network Co, a foreign network. Monthly subscription is $15.
"Mondo di Pace" Games Maintain a world of peace in this MMORPG; every diplomatic decision counts! Fits all AOS systems.
MineCiv Games Sid Meier's Civilization in a brand new interface, only fits AOS systems.


Other than Softwares, Axis produces certain hardwares as well.

Hardware Type Description
GraphAce AX-1 Graphics Card Default for all CassTech laptops. Enhanced graphics, suitable for all users.
GraphAce AX-2 Graphics Card Highly enhanced and powerful graphics card, bets for gamers, providing clear shaders, textures throughout a game. Runs on at least 8Gb RAM.
AxisMem Thumbdrive Memory Space Thumbdrives of all sizes, range: 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb.
AxisMem Micro-SD Memory Space Micro-SD cards for everybody, along with adapters, range: 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb and 1Tb.
Fremanx 300 Series 2 RAM Standard Performance RAM. Range: 2Gb, 4Gb and 8Gb.
Fremanx 400 Series 3 RAM High Performance RAM: Range: HP4Gb, HP8Gb and HP16Gb.
AxCass High Performance Player CD/DVD Player A joint cooperation between CassTech and Axis, featurign a disc player that runs only on discs by Xilax. Stores music and videos in its very own hard-drive. Purchase music and videos from all retail stores by CassTech and Xilax.